Mapp Intelligence, powered by Europe’s leading and award-winning Marketing Analytics and Customer Intelligence platform, Webtrekk, allows you to harness the power of first-party data to provide the most accurate prediction of what your customers are going to do next – and it gives you an edge, because this data isn’t available to your competition.

Customer Insights

Not every customer fits into a predefined marketing persona, so don’t rely on static segments. Mapp Intelligence is already used by more than 400 brands to delineate, predict, and visualize customer profiles. The platform uses previous transaction data, browsing behavior, and contact history to analyze, score, and visualize insights about your customers.

Purchase/Abandon Prediction

Learn about individual prospect and customer interests by scoring them based on important attributes, including profile status, recent engagement, and number of web visits or orders placed. Customer insights can be further enhanced with AI to score your customers’ likelihood to convert or churn, as well as their expected next order value.

Visual Funnel and Journey Analysis

Visual Funnel and Journey Analysis

Analyze the customer journey to find the quickest paths to conversion. Uncover the most engaged time of the day and week, in order to communicate with customers when it’s actually effective. Also examine customer growth and engagement trends to see, over a period of time, how many customers have been reached compared to before.

Smart Alerts

Smart Alerts offer marketers an intelligent tool that detects data anomalies, whether positive or negative. All relevant metrics and dimensions are automatically monitored through artificial intelligence and stakeholders are actively alerted as soon as anomalies occur.

Recommendation Engine

Make every single customer-brand interaction count with highly-relevant and personalized content. Mapp Intelligence recommends the best products and content based on previous purchase history, as well as viewed products across multiple visits and interactions. Choose the most appropriate recommendation logic depending on desired goals.

More Features

  • Customer insights dashboards
  • Web personalization
  • Industry specific segmentation
  • Predicted lifetime value
  • Anomaly detection
  • Churn prediction
  • Product recommendations
  • Marketing analytics

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