Personalized communication / Omnichanel marketing

At Combine Digital we specialize in implementation and data integration of multi channel marketing automation software.

Our knowledge and understanding of user needs mapping, data model development, integration point and data transformations enables us to support even complex Marketing automation projects.

Our approach is simple, but prooven:



Together with key stakeholders we define the scope of the project:

  • What is the goal?
  • What is included?
  • What is not included?

Data discovery

In order to ensure a realistic approach to the solution, resulting in a project on scope, on time and within budget, a data discovery – or data demography must be concluded.

This step clarifies:

  • Where is the data
  • In what quality and detail
  • How to access it
  • Current infrastructure



Once a scope and real world picture has been attained, planning of the project can occur. The delivery is:

  • Solution design
  • Estimate
  • Documentation level



With proper planning implementation is made efficiently and on time.


The double edged sword of Marketing Automation is that while everything happens automatically, its difficult to validate output, and issues arise quickly if data is not as intended. Validation ensures:

  • Correct data
  • Documentation
  • Operating procedures

For more information, comtact Michael Ă˜dum on: or +45 28 79 99 11